Pixelord returns with new LP "Human.exe"

Hailing from the ever-evolving Russian scene, experimental electronic artist Alexey Devyanin aka Pixelord who has played alongside The Prodigy, James Blake and Dark Star announces a new LP to land on 9th September via his label Hyperbloid.
Delivering soundscapes of a dystopian future ‘Human.exe’ is tough and touching in the same breath. Alexey explains: “‘Human.exe’ is about a robot who wants to be a human but still he is a program, exe file. The video will be about this particular robot too. My music was always retro futuristic and nostalgic about old computers and systems, this time as well .exe is the reference to my childhood, Idm music, DOS programs and cyber romanticism.”.
Human.exe’s Tracklist:
Gear Soul
Chrome Tears
Metal Mutant
Fix Me
Exo Club
Human 10

Follow Pixelord:
Website: Pixelord.ru

Pixelord returns with new LP "Human.exe" Pixelord returns with new LP "Human.exe" Reviewed by J Tuck on Thursday, June 30, 2016 Rating: 5
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