French disco & synth-pop trio Le Couleur share enticing song ‘Désert’

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Le Couleur are a French disco and synth-pop group that is making waves on streaming platforms, with over 10.9 million plays across major streaming platforms to date. They have received support on tastemaker Youtube channels like i'm cyborg but that's ok and David Dean Burkhart, as well as features in renowned publications (The Fader, Noisey, All Music, Flaunt mag, Brooklyn Vegan, Exclaim!, mxdwn, Atwood Magazine, Beats Per Minute and NOVU).

The strong female energy of the lead singer Laurence vocals are enticing and timeless. Le Couleur’s music sits close in comparison to tunes that your parents/grandparents rock out to on their favorite radio station, with classic hits by  David Bowie, ABBA, and Led Zepplin. I think that our millennial generation needs better taste in music and lyrics, and they are going to get a taste of that iconic 70’s sounds with Le Couleur’s latest offering!

Le Couleur share, "In the vastness of life, this song is a musical painting of a desert where one always crosses paths with mirages that represent a death that haunts you and attracts you with gorgeous assets.”

Live stream dates:
September 17 – Album launch party in Montreal @ Le Ministère + live stream

Concorde Tracklist:
01. Désert
02. Silenzo
03. Sillhoute
04. Concorde
05. Comme Une Fin Du Monde
06. L’Aube Du 3ème Soleil
07. Train De Minuit
08. Vol D’après Midi
09. Un Simple Vol D’après Midi. Feat. Valence
10. Oiseaux Sauvages

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French disco & synth-pop trio Le Couleur share enticing song ‘Désert’ French disco & synth-pop trio Le Couleur share enticing song ‘Désert’ Reviewed by J Tuck on Thursday, July 23, 2020 Rating: 5
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